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Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis involves examining all of the company's financial records to gain an understanding of their relative financial strength. It is important to know if a company has enough cash flow on hand to run business smooth, if their debt is under good control and any number of other factors.

We buy raw data from third party and use our tool to process & validate the company prospects for over 4000+ companies listed in Indian stock exchange. The companies will be rated based on the output of our tool The processed data is stored in our database for future price analysis. Whenever a new company comes to market through IPO the database will be refreshed.

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Here are the various stock valuation methods that we adopt to achieve this goal.

  • Earnings-Based Valuations
  • Revenue-Based Valuations
  • Cash-Flow Based Valuations
  • Equity-Based Valuations
  • Dividend-Based Valuations
  • And many more...

Technical Analysis / Charts

We use technical analysis to determine the entry and exit cut-off for the companies which are fundamentally good. This helps the client to get quality calls from us.

We follow the price movement of stocks and watch the formation of patterns over time. As a skilled technical analyst, we are able to make some very accurate forecast just by studying the price movement of a stock. The steps we follow to technical evaluation are:

  • Broad market analysis through the various indices such as SENSEX & NIFTY.
  • Sector analysis to identify the strongest and weakest groups within the broader market.
  • Individual stock analysis to identify the strongest and weakest stocks within each peer groups.
  • We are experts in predicting the bull and bear trends of the stock.