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    Stock trading, Bear Market, Dividend, Limit Order, Blue chip, Book Value, P/E ratio,... What not!!! These are all few of the hundreds of terminologies that we come across every day when we try to deal with Stock Trading. "I am not aware of what all these terms mean, does it mean I can't deal with stocks?" , is the question that is been arising in all our minds from quite long ago. Let me try to research on the internet and learn this philosophy of Investing, is the next step we try to take. But where do I start, am I referring to the right kind of material, I don't have enough time for my research, Its highly complex and way too many theories and principles, are a few thoughts we face.

    The stock market is way down and this has prompted a lot of people who know nothing about stocks to want to learn about the market and get involved. They are thinking this might end up being an investment opportunity of a lifetime but they don't know where to go to learn about stocks.

    In today's economic climate it is even more important that your research is as thorough as it possibly can be.